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Prenatal & Pediatric Neuro-Spinal Care


Whether you are trying to conceive or are already pregnant, having a clear neuro-spinal system creates the optimal environment for a comfortable and proactive pregnancy. The health of a pregnant mom is very important as her health directly affects baby’s health.


Neuro-Spinal Chiropractic Care addresses shifts in the spine and the pelvis. This helps create the optimal space and environment in utero for the baby, which is beneficial for natural growth, development and labor. According to a 2012 American Medical Association study, labor times have been known to decrease as much as 24% in first-time pregnant moms when under consistent prenatal chiropractic care.


Birth trauma can often times be the first cause of Neuro-Spinal Shifts. Our little ones are exposed to a significant deal of stress as they learn new movements and reach new milestones. They develop more in the first four years neurologically than at any other time in their life. How we support children during that time period determines their expression of health and well-being for the years to come.


As technology usage has increased in children, we have noticed an increase of Anterior Head Syndrome. In the past, this used to be seen mainly in people who were working desk jobs for long hours. Nowadays, children are spending more and more time looking down, instead of properly using their neck muscles. This can cause a weakness of important neck stabilizer muscles, and possibly create Neuro-Spinal Shifts in their spine, leading to secondary conditions.

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