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What Do I Need to Know Before My Examination?


After a consultation with the doctor, you will be given the opportunity to proceed to our neuro-spinal chiropractic examination. It may also be scheduled for a later time if you so choose. This examination will be thoroughly performed by one of our doctors and is comprehensive, meaning you should allow no less than 45 minutes of your time. The exam includes:

  • Digital Photographic Neuro-Spinal Analysis

  • Neuro-Spinal Thermal Analysis

  • Neuro-Spinal Autonomic Analysis

  • Neuro-Spinal Shift Detection

  • Orthopedic and Neurological Tests


Please be prepared to dress appropriately for the examination. It is required that you have athletic/gym shorts available, and women should also be wearing a sports bra for accurate Neuro-Spinal assessment.


After the examination, a conference will be scheduled where we will explain our findings, whether or not a neuro-spinal shift was detected, how we can help you, and how things work should you elect to work with our practice.

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